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Structural Engineering

From a greenfield project design to brownfield plant modification, Fraser-Lever’s structural engineering experts will determine the right solution for the given application.

Fraser-Lever offers industrial structural design and certification for:

  • Mining infrastructure including workshops, fuel farms and water fill points

  • Bulk materials handling structures including gantries and platforms for conveyors and bins

  • Screening plant structures and screen towers

  • Bin design, hoppers and silos

  • Steel / Concrete commercial and industrial structures, including the use of versatile and quality modular concrete design. 

  • Light, medium and heavy concrete slabs and pavements

  • Retaining walls

  • Drill rigs



Modular Concrete Design

Fraser-Lever is at the forefront of Australia’s move toward the use of off-site modular concrete construction which is seen by the industry as a tangible, cost-effective solution that produces higher quality structures in a more efficient time scale.

Our Civil and Structural Engineers have designed and developed a range of modular precast slabs for mining workshops. 

The versatility of the engineered precast panels has a range of benefits including the ability to move the location of infrastructure on site. It even makes moving between sites more economical from a time and cost perspective compared to traditional options.

It’s a cost-effective industrial structural design option for short term mining operations and volatile contracts where the initial establishment of essential mining facilities such as workshops and repair bays can be a significant expense. 

Learn more about our Modular Workshop Slabs here.

Structural Inspections

Fraser-Lever offers comprehensive structural and plant inspections for coal preparation and handling plants, ports and quarries. After establishing the skill set required to provide accurate and expert inspections, we mobilise a team to site to perform data collection and inspection. Using a risk-based methodology we are able to provide a concise easy to follow report with recommendations for the plant owners.

We are able to develop solutions for long term monitoring of critical or high-risk areas.

Fraser-Lever also offers recommendations and procedures for remedial works should these be required.

Fraser-Lever has a team of industrial structural design with extensive experience in the implementation, monitoring and reporting to MRTS78 – the Transport and Main Roads Specification for Fabrication of Structural Steelwork. Fraser-Lever is able to provide Registered Professional Engineering Certification for compliance to this specification.


Safety Inspections

Fraser-Lever is able to review your whole site or specific equipment to ensure compliance. We consider guarding, access and compliance to legislation and Australian Standards.


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