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Mechanical Engineering

Fraser-Lever has engineers that are Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ) and are Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) in the disciplines of Mechanical, Structural and Civil Engineering.

We are able to offer RPEQ and CPEng certification of new or existing designs for compliance across Australian, State, and where applicable, international standards and legislation.

Mechanical Design

Fraser-Lever is able to design and certify the following:

  • Accessways and ladders

  • Machine safety

  • Pressure vessels

  • Tanks and tank farms

  • Cranes

  • Lifting devices

  • Mobile plant

  • Mechanical structures

  • Overall plant compliance

  • Structural stands for machinery transport and storage.

  • Equipment for handling shipping containers such as straddle
    carriers and spreaders.

Third Party Verification and Re-certification

  • Third party RPEQ verification sign-off.

  • Re-certification after the modification or relocation of equipment.


Work Health and Safety Regulation – Design Registration


Work Health and Safety Regulation Design Registration for ‘registrable plant’, including:​

  • Pressure equipment, other than pressure piping, and categorised as hazard level A, B, C or D according to the criteria in Section 2.1 of AS 4343 Pressure equipment—hazard levels

  • Building maintenance units

  • Hoists with a platform movement exceeding 2.4 metres, designed to lift people

  • Work boxes designed to be suspended from cranes

  • Concrete placing booms

  • Prefabricated scaffolding

  • Boom-type elevating work platforms

  • Gantry cranes with a safe working load greater than 5 tonnes

  • Bridge cranes with a safe working load of greater than 10 tonnes

  • Any gantry crane or bridge crane which is designed to handle molten metal or Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals

  • Vehicle hoists

  • Mast climbing work platforms

  • Mobile cranes with a rated capacity of greater than 10 tonnes



Crane and Elevating Work Platform Inspections and Rebuilds


Queensland Legislation (Mobile Crane Code of Practice, 2006) and the Australian Standards (AS2550 & AS1418) stipulate a crane must be inspected by a professional Engineer at the 10 and 25 year rebuild.

Fraser-Lever can work with the workshop of your choice or we can manage the rebuild through our workshop.


Light and Heavy Vehicle Certification:

It is often overlooked in the transport industry that all engineering activities in Queensland are to be performed by an RPEQ or under the direct supervision of an RPEQ.

Fraser-Lever is able to provide certification of heavy and light vehicle modifications in accordance with the National Codes of Practice, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and local Transport Authorities. We have inhouse Approved Vehicle Examiners and all designs are certified by our in house RPEQs and CPEngs.

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