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Stacker, Reclaimer & Belt Feeder Design

Bulk materials arrive at a plant in a shorter time frame than it can be consumed, requiring the need for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly stocking and storing. Stackers create manageable stockpiles to avoid disruption on the site. Reclaimer machinery retrieves the bulk material to suit its gradual consumption in the plant. Fraser-Lever knows the success of this essential stockpile management system rests on the ability to transport materials on conveying systems and belt feeders. All this is only possible using proven design combined with the depth of understanding in knowing out to tailor solutions, developed by our seasoned engineers.


Leaders In Minerals Processing

Fraser-Lever has a multidisciplinary team that specialises in stacker and reclaimer and belt feeder design, no matter how challenging the mine’s location. This ensures the commissioning of safe and constructible designs to drive productivity and performance for our clients. All our designs are created with the goal of improving site safety standards using proven design.

Case Study – Glencore (formerly Xtrata) Black Star 

The Black Star open pit mine at Mt Isa, in northern Queensland, is an important part of Glencore Xstrata's Mount Isa Mines mining operations.  Fraser-Lever was commissioned to for its expertise in stacker, reclaimer and belt feeder design.

This conveyor is around 600 metres long with a vertical lift of around 70 metres and transfers 1.5 MTPA of crushed ore from the Black Star pit to the existing conveyor system at approximately 42 metres above ground. The conveyor was part of an existing crushing and screening plant.

Conveyor 1.jpg
Xstrata Black Star 2.jpg

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