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Slurry Pump Design

In the Australian and PNG mining industry, expert slurry pump design has proven itself to be essential for the environmentally safe transportation of target minerals and overburden to plants where efficient wet separation can take place. Slurry pump selection is complex with great design requiring collaboration, an understanding of the medium to be pumped, the distances to be travelled and the operating conditions. Fraser-Lever understands the diverse range of slurry applications and the proper materials selection to ensure an efficient and cost-effective system is designed, tailored to the mine’s unique environment.


Leaders In Minerals Processing

Fraser-Lever has a multidisciplinary team that specialises in slurry pump design and environmentally efficient tailings disposal to optimise minerals processing, no matter how challenging the location, to ensure the commissioning of safe and constructible designs to drive productivity and performance for our clients.

Case Study – Cape Flattery Silica (Mitsubishi)

Cape Flattery is a leading producer of world class silica sand for the Glass, Foundry and Chemical industries.  Slurry plays an important role in its mining operations off Cooktown, in northern Queensland. Silica sand is removed by front end loaders and transported for washing by either conveyor belt or slurry line. Impurities, rocks and vegetation are removed by an extensive washing and filtering process before the graded sand can then be sent to the wharf for loading and export.

The Cape Flattery Silica (Mitsubishi) project required the design of a 2 Mtpa raw silica slurry transport pipeline and pumping system. The project included slurry mixing and storage of primary and secondary slurry pumping stations, 6 kilometre slurry as well as return water pipeline and pumping system. 

Cape Flattery Silica.jpg

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