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Scoping and Mine Feasibility Studies

Fraser-Lever offers large-scale resources feasibility studies of infrastructure for greenfield mining projects, as well as supporting capital budget processes for smaller discrete projects. Financial analysis can be undertaken for these works. We can provide estimates to AACE standards and studies can be completed from concept through to DFS level.

Fraser-Lever’s areas of mining feasibility study expertise include:

  • Specification and scope development

  • Mine Infrastructure Area (MIA) layout

  • Stockpile pad and rail balloon loop layout

  • Materials handling studies including train loading options

  • Optimisation, debottlenecking, control and performance improvement

  • Project Management - Estimating, scheduling, risk management and execution planning

  • Due diligence

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) 

  • Preliminary engineering

  • Project scope definition

  • Equipment sizing and selection

  • Preliminary procurement

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Initial Scoping Studies

Fraser-Lever offers detailed specification and scope development.

A scoping study is carried out in the early exploration phase as a basis for acquiring exploration areas or making a commitment for exploration funding.

It’s essential that experienced people are involved from the start to reduce the risk of relinquishing what could be a viable mining project based on an inadequate assessment.

Fraser-Lever has the expertise to provide solid, sensitive analysis when information is limited and speculative assumptions are required in the absence of hard data. 

Its experienced team of scoping study specialists will examine the potential of the property. It’s recommendations will be based on likely possible outcomes so that decision making, including investment decisions are not biased to the optimistic end of the range.

Minerals Plant Feasibility Study

As a multidisciplinary engineering firm, Fraser-Lever takes pride in the calibre of its specialists, who have a deep knowledge of the requirements and challenges surrounding minerals processing and plant design. This experience is drawn upon during the mine’s plant feasibility study to help determine the viability of the project and to collate the details that are needed to secure the funding. 

There is no substitute for experience. Our trusted evaluation methods and highly specialised engineers are the first choice to deliver:


Realistic and quantifiable information in process plant engineering

noun_assembly line_1870395.png

An holistic approach that considers all aspects of running processing plant

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Identification of potential pitfalls and the most viable solutions worth of investment

Fraser-Lever’s approach includes due consideration for all aspects of running a processing plant, from budget parameters, production requirements and target volumes through to site location, infrastructure, logistics, civils, energy usage and more.

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