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Materials Handling

Extensive Experience In Design

Fraser-Lever understands the unique challenges that require a tailored solution for your bulk materials handling projects, where performance directly affects the overall productivity of the operation. 

With ever-increasing demand on your materials handling equipment to meet ever-increasing demand for performance, safety, changing environmental conditions, productivity and reliability, you need a structure to deliver you the best performance possible.

Fraser-Lever has extensive experience in the design of bulk material handling equipment and systems to help meet those challenges. We deliver customised, proven and optimised material handling design solutions for new and existing facilities including:


  • Ceramic lined paste pipes

  • Product bins and hoppers

  • Loading and isolation gates

  • Crushing stations

  • Belt feeders and conveyor design

  • Fixed and slewing stackers

  • Individual conveyors and conveyor systems

  • Telescopic chutes; fixed chutes and diverter chutes. Chutes can be modelled with DEM software as required

  • Tripper Conveyors


Fraser-Lever has extensive experience in the design of gates such as isolation gates, diverter gates, train loading gates and truck loading gates for bulk materials handling. We are able to supply a full turn key package including powerpack, functional specification, control system, instrumentation factory acceptance testing and site commissioning.

We can provide replacement gates for existing units or upgrade gates to improve safety.

Fraser-Lever can provide gates from our standard range or provide bespoke designs for specific applications.

Types of Gates:

  • Slide Plate or Knife Gates

  • Single Leaf Isolation

  • Single Leaf Water Capture

  • Double Leaf 

  • Clam Shell Gates

  • Spile Bar Isolation Gates

  • Diverter Gates 



Fraser-Lever has experience working alongside some of Australia and PNG’s most successful and modern bulk materials handling facilities.

The importance and costs involved in the storing, handling and transporting of bulk materials can be significant, with such handling systems requiring systematic design to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability.


Bulk Handling Bin Design

Port & Ship Loader Design

It has never been more challenging for the industrial operations sector working in our ports to do more with less.

Fraser-Lever engineers understand the unique requirements of the maritime industry and that design-for-purpose loaders are essential for varying site conditions and the minimising of environmental impact.

Our engineers are experienced in designing for bulk materials import, export, storage and handling facilities. This work has extended to our engineers reviewing proposed port design, extending wharf facilities and improving conveyor systems.


Fraser-Lever has a multidisciplinary team that specialises in stacker and reclaimer and belt feeder design, no matter how challenging the mine’s location. This ensures the commissioning of safe and constructible designs to drive productivity and performance for our clients. All our designs are created with the goal of improving site safety standards using proven design.


Case Study – Cape Flattery Material Handling Project

Mitsubishi subsidiary Cape Flattery Silica Mines, exports around 2 MTPA of high-quality silica. The materials handling system consists of a bucket wheel reclaimer, 5 kilometres of overland conveyor, a wharf and a ship loader. The capacity of the conveyor system is 2000 tonnes an hour of 99% silica.

The system consists of 5 conveyors feeding a slinger on the telescopic end of the ship loader boom and the wharf was constructed using two self-elevating platforms to install rock socketed piles.  

Cape Flattery Wharf.JPG

As part of the project Fraser-Lever undertook:

  • Design review of the wharf construction method  

  • Review of piling construction method and structural audit  

  • Report on preventative maintenance procedures  

  • Design and specification of berthing dolphins  

  • Design of land backed sheet pile wharf for unloading of service vessels up to 2,000T

  • Design changes to suit Australian Standards and access requirements

Some years later, Fraser-Lever undertook the design of a new 800 TPH silica processing plant at the site and the land backed sheet pile wharf was used for supply of materials and equipment to the site.

Learn more about our projects here.

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