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Mining Infrastructure


Mackenzie North Coal Mine 

Fraser-Lever were engaged to design the MIA for the Mackenzie North mine. Fraser-Lever’s engineers successfully delivered the structural designs for the workshop, wash down pad, water fill point, fuel farm and services; electrical traffic plan. The design vehicle for this facility was a CAT 795 truck. The client requested an open style portal frame to allow the trucks to drive through the workshop.

Approximate value: AUD $9 million

Peak Downs Coal Mine

Thiess engaged Fraser-Lever to deliver the MIA design for Peak Downs mine in 2018. As part of this project, Fraser-Lever was responsible for the architectural design, concrete design, steelwork design and all inspections. Fraser-Lever successfully delivered the following as per the client requirements:

  • 1x 4-Bay ultraclass workshop (pictured below)

  • 2x Modular ultraclass jacking slabs

  • 2x Maintenance workshops (tyre bay, boilermaker bay)

  • All piping relating to lubrication and water services

  • Project management/ control - site-based role

Approximate Value: AUD $12 Million


Meteor Downs South Coal Mine

Fraser-Lever delivered the complete preliminary MIA design for Meteor Downs South. The preliminary design included all architectural, concrete and structural steel drawings for the workshop, water fill point, wash down bay, fuel bay and veneering station. All site civils, drainage and pavement details were completed by Fraser-Lever as well as service trench details, pump and piping selection and service routes.


Legend International Holdings 

The Client proposes to export phosphate rock for fertiliser manufacture. Fraser-Lever is currently undertaking the feasibility study for the design of rail unloading, storage shed, reclaim and export facility with the capacity to be expanded to 5 Million tonnes per year. The storage shed is approximately 200 metres long and 70 metres wide and will be fitted with a rail mounted portal frame reclaimer. The site is upwind from a residential area, on reclaimed land in a cyclone area.


Glencore Concentrate Storage Facility - Townsville Port

Fraser-Lever undertook design development, preparation of estimate and supervision of construction for concentrate storage shed shown below. It was 200 metres long with a maximum width of 55 metres constructed with 9000 square metre roof. The roof supporting columns were piled, with the 6 metre high concentrate retaining walls on a mass foundation.

Facility included unloading of rail wagons, stockpiling and reclaim to ship loading conveyor system.

Value: AUD $4 Million


BHP Billiton Yabulu Nickel Refinery

Design of around 420 multi-level pipe racks to carry the process liquors and power and control cables for the $600 Million expansion program for the processing of Ravensthorpe nickel concentrates as well as the existing process pipes and power and control cables.

Structural audit of the nickel refinery and recommendations including multi-year program for remediation and maintenance or demolition.

Structural audit to determine remaining life of structures for buildings, material handling equipment structures and major storage vessels, silos and tanks.

Metallica Minerals 

The Client proposes to construct a lateritic nickel pressure leach project using sulphuric acid. Fraser-Lever has undertaken preliminary design and capital cost estimation for the construction of ship unloading, sulphur storage shed and sulphur reclaim to road transport.  

The proposed site is at a port in North Queensland which is a cyclonic area.

Mackenzie North Coal Mine 
Peak Downs Coal Mine​
Glencore Concentrate Storage Facility - Townsville Port
BHP Billiton Yabulu Nickel Refinery​
Metallica Minerals 
Meteor Downs South Coal Mine​
Legend International Holdings 
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