Materials Handling

Fraser-Lever has extensive experience in the design of bulk materials handling equipment and systems. 

Fraser-Lever has completed materials handling designs for new and existing facilities including:​

  • Product bins and hoppers

  • Loading and isolation gates

  • Crushing stations

  • Belt feeders

  • Fixed and slewing stackers

  • Individual conveyors and conveyor systems

  • Telescopic chutes; fixed chutes and diverter chutes. Chutes can be modelled with DEM software as required

  • Tripper Conveyors

  • Ceramic lined paste pipes

Belt Feeders

Fraser-Lever belt feeders are bespoke designs for specific applications including mining, mineral processing, quarrying and general bulk materials handling applications.

Our belt feeders are designed by our mechanical engineers using our in-house calculations derived from research and real world validation.

Belt feeders are fitted with retractable idler frames to improve maintenance, staggered pattern impact idlers, high quality, locally supplied pulleys, primary and secondary scrapers and a plough in front of the tail pulley.

Fraser-Lever can undertake the design and supply of the inlet hopper, transition piece, isolation gate and feeder as a package. This gives our clients the security that the feeder performance will not be compromised which can be the case when multiple equipment suppliers are used.


With stricter environmental standards, telescopic chutes are becoming more necessary to achieve dust emission requirements and reduce material loss.

Fraser-Lever is able to custom design and build telescopic chutes for all bulk materials handling applications. 

Typical applications for our chutes are:

  • Ship loaders

  • Stockpile machines

  • Stackers

  • Bins

  • Truck loading and train loading

Telescopic Chute Features and Options:

  • Optimised overlap to ensure binding does not occur in the chute sections.

  • Self-cleaning pads to remove material from the inside of the chute for ‘sticky’ materials

  • Gimbal pivoting connections to allow the chute to hang vertically and to ensure additional moments and loads are not put back into the supporting structure.

DEM 1.png

Winch System

The winches used to raise and lower the telescopic chute are designed in accordance with AS 1418.  The winches are designed to hold the block chute load.  Unlike other products on the market, Lever winches have a brake acting directly on the drum, not through the gearbox.

We are able to design the winch system to meet the site requirements taking into account things such as maintenance positions, access, preferred equipment list and the structure that it is mounted to.

Control System

Fraser-Lever telescopic chutes can be supplied with a stand alone control system or can be integrated into a sites existing control system.

  • The control can include the following options:

  • End of travel limits

  • Load cells to detect a blocked chute condition or an impending block chute condition

  • Automatic chute raising and lowering

  • Stockpile height detection

  • Remote control

Chute Attachments

Fraser-Lever telescopic chutes can be supplied with attachments to assist with ship loading and dust mitigation.

Attachments include:

  • Spoon Chutes, fixed and adjustable

  • Socks for dust mitigation

  • Throwers

Isolation and Loading Gates

The engineers at Fraser-Lever have extensive experience in the design of gates such as isolation gates, diverter gates, train loading gates and truck loading gates for bulk materials handling. We are able to supply a full turn key package including powerpack, functional specification, control system, instrumentation factory acceptance testing and site commissioning.

We have extensive experience working within the constraints of brownfield sites as well as new projects.

We are able to tailor a solution to match the materials, bin and site requirements through the use of different gate designs including:

  • Single Leaf Knife Gates (Water capture)

  • Dual Leaf Knife Gates

  • Clam Shell Gates

  • Flop Gates

  • Diverter Gates and chutes

  • Spile Bar Gates